Always Tell Your Radiologist About These Important Symptoms

Jul 31, 2023

Symptoms MIVA Medical Radiologist

We could say that radiologists are doctors who usually take pictures of the interior parts of our bodies to discover issues that cannot be detected otherwise. We could mention several different ways these pictures are taken, including CT scans, sound waves, or tests usually made with radioactive particles.

There are many instances when you may require the services of a radiologist, including in case you have problems such as blocked arteries, torn muscles, trauma and accidents, various types of infections, broken bones, or screening for cancer.

But sometimes, telling your radiologists your symptoms will identify the issues you do not know need to be checked. There are many specific issues that an interventional radiologist with MIVA Medical can help you with, especially if you experience some significant symptoms.

There are some acute symptoms that you should always tell your radiologist about. For instance, you may have experienced a car accident. This means you may need to go through some special testing. Joint pain or other symptoms that may indicate the presence of osteoporosis represents another critical detail to tell your radiologist about. Dizziness and low energy levels can be indicators of anemia, another medical issue that may require a radiologist’s expertise to investigate the problem further and decide on the best solutions to apply.