Are There Any Alternatives to Kyphoplasty in Kansas City?

Sep 7, 2022

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Kyphoplasty is a medical procedure meant to provide pain relief to those suffering from compression fracture. In Kansas City, the only alternative to kyphoplasty is vertebroplasty which is a minimally invasive procedure consisting of injecting bone cement into the fracture.

            Kyphoplasty is superior to vertebroplasty because it improves both pain and mobility, whereas vertebroplasty only improves function, but does not do enough to alleviate pain. However, the adverse effects of kyphoplasty can be fatal. They include: cardiac arrest, stroke and embolism.

            Another advantage that kyphoplasty provides the patient with is the immensely high rate of success which often leads to a great sense of satisfaction. Moreover, in the case of this particular procedure, complications are quite rare if it is carried out less than twelve weeks after the fracture occurred.

            When performed correctly, kyphoplasty entails only minimal incisions, which is another benefit that outweighs the risks. Nevertheless, despite its numerous advantages, kyphoplasty is not a cure or a magic fix. After the procedure is done, the patient still has to wear a back brace when walking or standing upright. Until the fracture heals, the brace has to be used constantly with the exception of bed rest. Moreover, to ensure smooth rehabilitation and recovery, it is advisable to not stand for more than forty minutes in a row.  As with any procedure knowing more about your options from vascular physicians near me for convenience sake, is the way to initialize what is right for you.