Are You More Likely to Break Your Arm or Leg If You’re Older?

Sep 29, 2023

Bone Density Health Miva Medical

As the sands of time grace us with wisdom and experience, questions about our well-being take center stage. The curious conundrum of whether age plays favorites regarding arm and leg fractures emerges among them.

An age-old question

Contrary to popular belief, age does not necessarily put you at higher risk of breaking your arm or leg. However, studies suggest that bones weaken as we age, especially in older people. As a result, dislocations and fractures of the bones may occur at a higher rate when compared to younger people.

Fracturing during falls

One of the main reasons why seniors may be more likely to break an arm or leg is due to falls. It is estimated that 50% of falls cause bone fractures or breaks. Since falling is more common among the elderly population, this could account for one of the leading causes of broken bones in older adults.

Live safely and carefully

Take extra precautions to reduce the risk of breaking your arm or leg. Senior citizens should watch their steps, look ahead of where they are walking, and try to avoid slippery surfaces. Additionally, they should do their best to increase their strength and flexibility with simple exercises, which can lessen the risk of breakage from falls or accidents. Talking with MIVA Medical, can be beneficial too!