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Uterine Fibroid Embolization

A Closer Look At Uterine Fibroids, What Are They?

The What, Where, And Why Of Uterine Fibroids

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A Minimally Invasive Alternative To Hysterectomy

How Are Fibroids Diagnosed?

How Are Fibroids Treated?

What If I Have Symptoms Of Fibroids?

How Successful Is UFE?

UFE vs. Surgery – Which Is Better?

Geniculate Artery Embolization For Knee Pain Treatment

What Is Osteoarthritis?

Diagnosing Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis Treatment Options

Can GAE Replace Surgery?

GAE vs. Knee Injections

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How Is GAE Performed?

Peripheral Artery Disease Treatments

 PAD Explained

Diagnosing PAD

PAD Treatment Options

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PAD Outcomes With MIVA