Exercises To Avoid If You Suffer From Knee Pain

May 30, 2023

Knee pain treatment exercises to avoid

Knee pain can be incredibly debilitating and can affect your quality of life. From walking to running and climbing stairs, finding activities that do not cause more pain and further damage to your knees can be challenging. Therefore, it is essential to understand which exercises you should avoid if you suffer from knee pain.

  • High-Impact Cardio – High-impact cardio exercises, like running, usually require putting much weight on the knees. Therefore, it is not recommended to perform them if you suffer from knee pain, as they could worsen it.
  • Squats – Even if they target the thighs, the weight of your body is still impacting the knees. So, when it comes to squats, if you suffer from knee pain, it is best to either modify the exercise or just avoid performing it altogether.
  • Lunges – Lunges do not require you to put too much weight on your knees, but moving back and forth will also cause strain on them. Therefore, they are not ideal if you suffer from knee pain.
  • Step-Ups – Step-ups require you to move your body weight up and down and can significantly strain your knees. While there are modifications like using a chair, avoiding them altogether is the best solution to prevent further knee pain.

As every individual reacts differently to specific exercises, it is best to consult a doctor about knee joint pain treatment Missouri clinics have available or a professional who can determine what exercises you should perform and what exercises you should avoid when it comes to knee pain.