How an Endovascular Specialist Deals with the Complication of Secondary Heart Problems

Aug 29, 2022

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You might have heard of how untreated peripheral arterial disease (PAD) can carry a significant risk. If you want to avoid the complications of this disease, it is imperative to address it as early as possible through the right endovascular methods.

Endovascular procedures are of various types, depending on what they are used for. In general, the procedures are similar, though they might be used in different areas of the body, or they could differ in small ways.

The general idea is that a small tube known as a catheter is introduced into the artery, and then used to open it by pressing plaque against the wall of the vessel. A good example is balloon angioplasty – a procedure involving the guiding of a small balloon into the artery that is used to clear the blockage.

To deal with secondary heart problems resulting from PAD and other forms of arterial blockage, endovascular experts will move quickly to use a coronary angioplasty in order to widen or open the narrowed coronary artery that was affected by the disease.

If used quickly and effectively enough, this type of procedure can prevent secondary heart issues and complications such as the development of heart disease or the gradual deterioration of the heart muscle. To learn more about it, search for and contact your local vascular Dr near me quickly and as soon as possible.