How an Interventional Radiologist Can Prevent Health Issues During Menopause

Jul 25, 2023

Women's Health Alternative To Hysterectomy

When women reach menopause, several different issues can arise. And with the help of an interventional radiologist, many of these issues can be prevented. In general, interventional radiology uses procedures based on catheter and computer imaging technology for diagnosing and treating specific problems such as vascular conditions and as an alternative to hysterectomy and other treatments.

And with the help of a knowledgeable and experienced interventional radiologist, many menopausal issues can be prevented. This type of specialist works together with doctors to take the necessary measures to help you regain your overall health and for avoiding the growth of various kinds of issues that may appear with aging, and not only.

Interventional radiologists can help you with various procedures, such as angiography. This is an X-ray of the arteries to detect any signs of blockage or narrowing in the vessels.

Angioplasty can be another procedure that interventional radiologists can help with, which can be pretty effective. For instance, with the onset of menopause, many women have to deal with unpleasant issues such as uterine fibroids, which can be successfully treated with the help of embolization. An interventional radiologist typically performs this procedure.

So yes, these are some ways an interventional radiologist can help women prevent the health issues that occur during menopause.