How Often Are the Treatments for Enlarged Prostate Successful?

May 27, 2022

There are many options out there for treatment for enlarged prostate. Some are based on drugs while others are more invasive and require surgery. For instance, if the problem has been caught early on, the patient can try and use 5-alpha inhibitors. These are used in order to prevent any hormonal modifications that lead to the prostate growth in the first place. Also, they are used in order to relax the bladder neck muscles and the muscles in the prostate. This way urination can happen without any discomfort. But this form of treatment only works if it is done on patients that don’t have such a big problem. This is more of a way to keep the enlargement under control, rather than curing it.  

The second category of treatment for enlarged prostate is a surgical one. This also divides into more categories, depending on the severity of the enlargement. For instance, urethral resection was once considered the best option. But, although efficient, the side effects of the surgery could include bleeding or sexual dysfunctions. Nowadays, more modern approaches are used, such as UroLift. This procedure, although not permanent, implies stapling the prostate in such a position that the urethra is clear and urination can happen. For more permanent solutions, laser surgery from is recommended, especially for patients that have more severe problems.