How Successful Are the Most Common Treatments for Uterine Fibroids?

May 6, 2022

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When talking about the efficiency of a treatment for uterine fibroids it is important to firstly understand what options there are. For instance, if one chooses to treat it with drugs, the best course of action is using a gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist. The most common ones are Lupron or Zoladex. These simulate a menopause-like state that causes low estrogen secretion. This way the size of the fibroids in the uterus are reduced and are slowly either removed naturally by the body or easier to take out through surgery. It is true that this method may take a little longer to take effect, but it is very sought after by women that don’t want to go into surgery directly.

Another very popular and efficient uterine fibroids treatment is a myomectomy. This is basically a surgical intervention that removes the fibroids from the uterus while leaving behind all the healthy tissue. Although a little more invasive than the drug option, it is quicker and has a very high efficiency rate. Also, these interventions are highly recommended for women that want to remain pregnant but are afraid to do it. Because the surgery targets the fibroids specifically, the womb is unaffected, the chances of the woman remaining pregnant being practically unaffected.