How to Avoid Getting Your Arteries Clogged

Jul 11, 2022

healthy artery blocked PAD Doctor Missouri

Arteries become clogged as a result of accumulated fatty deposits and chronic inflammatory disease which is triggered by: smoking, diabetes, obesity, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, high blood pressure and increased LDL. Nutrient-dense foods such as fish, vegetables and healthy fats are known to prevent clogged arteries. A healthy diet consists of: berries, beans, fish, tomatoes, onions, citrus fruits, spices, flax seeds, cruciferous vegetables, beets, oats, nuts, leafy greens, poultry, dark chocolate and olive oil. Furthermore, to boost overall health, one must also avoid trans fats such as: cakes, pies, hydrogenated oils, pastries, margarine, cookies, biscuits, fried and processed foods.

            Saturated fats can be enjoyed, but only in moderation. Once or twice a week, meals can include small portions of avocado, walnuts and fatty fish. Those who are not prone to cardiovascular issues can also indulge in dishes of beef and pork. However, sodas should be permanently replaced with herbal teas such as: ginger, rooibos and black tea. Ginger supplementation is also available for purchase online and highly recommended for heart disease.

            In addition, cardio activities are known to reduce plaque by raising heart rate. Therefore, daily routine should typically include: aerobics, swimming, jogging or cycling. Results may vary, but, with time, the risks of heart attack and stroke are significantly decreased, which is why it is advised to have patience and follow through with diet plans. Consistency can ultimately pay off and greatly improve quality of life as well as trips to a PAD doctor Missouri has to offer can help determine steps to take and treatments to get you to a place of healthy living.