How to Know If You May Need Genicular Artery Embolization

Jun 27, 2023

knee pain genicular artery embolization

Genicular artery embolization is a noninvasive method for treating persistent knee discomfort caused by various conditions such as arthritis, trauma, or damaged cartilage. It is a relatively new and promising procedure for managing knee pain and is quickly gaining popularity among physicians.

If your knee is constantly hurting and you have exhausted all other treatment options, you may want to consider genicular artery embolization near me to reduce your discomfort. Here are some signs that may indicate you may benefit from GAE:

  • Your chronic knee pain has not been relieved by other therapies.
  • Knee pain is affecting your daily life and routines. If you find that the pain in your knee is preventing you from doing usual, everyday tasks, such as going for a walk or playing sports, then GAE is possibly a wise choice.
  • You are experiencing pain even when resting. If you find that chronic knee pain persists through rest or sleep, then you may need GAE.
  • Your knee is sensitive to touch or movement. If you feel excessive sensitivity in your knee, such as a stinging or burning sensation, then GAE may be a good option.

If you suspect that GAE may be the right choice, the first step is to consult your physician. They can explain the procedure in more detail, explain the risks and benefits, and tell you whether it is right for you.