Kyphoplasty In Kansas City – What Is The Success Rate Of Such A Procedure?

Oct 25, 2022

MIVA Medical kyphoplasty Kansas City

Kyphoplasty is a minimally-invasive procedure that can restore a damage vertebra’s height after a spinal fracture and stop the pain associated with it. The procedure is done by interventional radiologists and it entails injecting a special cement into the damaged vertebra, after making room for the treatment by inflating a balloon inside the vertebra. The procedure can provide almost immediate pain relief, and will stabilize the fractured vertebra, restoring the height lost because of compression.

The procedure takes less than two hours for one vertebra, after which the patient will be placed under observation to ensure everything is going well. The patient can usually leave the hospital the next day after the procedure.

Kyphoplasty has a significantly high success rate in relieving the pain caused by spinal fractures, reaching 90% in the case of acute fractures and 80% in the case of chronic fractures. For fractures linked to the metastasis of the bone, the success rate of the procedure is between 60 and 80%.

In terms of restoring mobility, kyphoplasty shows a success rate of over 85% for acute cases, and minimum 50% for chronic patients. Last but not least, after undergoing the procedure, over 90% of patients considerably reduce consumption of painkillers. Find some of the best in interventional radiologists at