Non-Surgical Treatment For Spinal Compression Fracture

Oct 28, 2022

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A compression fracture is a bone fracture or break in your vertebrae that can cause a collapse, reducing the height of your vertebrae. Because of this collapse, bone pieces may press on the nerves and spinal cord, reducing the amount of oxygen and blood that reaches the spinal cord. Compression fractures can be caused by injuries, tumors, or osteoporosis.

Treatment for compression factures depends on the cause and the nature of the break, but chances are you will not need invasive surgery, as most people can heal without it.

Non-surgical treatment for compression fracture includes:

  • Pain medication – either OTC medicines like ibuprofen or stronger, prescription painkillers for more severe pain
  • Rest – your doctor may recommend resting in bed for a short period of time, and then avoiding heavy exercise for a few weeks or months
  • Physical therapy – once you’re feeling better, you may be recommended to see a physical therapist
  • Wearing a brace – it is a rigid frame that limits movement and takes the pressure off your vertebrae, allowing them to heal

In more severe cases, or if the above-mentioned treatments don’t seem to help, your vascular surgeon Kansas City area may also recommend minimally invasive procedures such as kyphoplasty to relieve the pain and help restore the height of the damaged vertebrare.