PAD Prevention: Helpful Tips for Exercising Indoors

Jan 10, 2023

Peripheral Artery Disease Discussing Options Doctor Kansas City Clinic

Anyone looking to lose weight and prevent PAD has to consider at some point indoor exercises. Whether you go to the gym or do your workouts at home, proper body weight and cardio exercises should be an integrated part of your daily routine, especially once you’ve already lost some weight.

Of course, weightlifting is not an option when you’re trying to avoid PAD, especially if you’re suffering from obesity. However, body weight exercises can be a great idea for indoor workouts regardless of your physical condition. The great thing about these exercises is that you can adjust your reps and intensity based on your muscles’ ability to withstand the strain, and that you won’t be able to increase the amount of weight you put on your muscles the way you would through weightlifting. That makes body weight exercises a lot healthier overall and reduces the risk of PAD-related complications. Moreover, if you keep exercising as you lose weight, your body will gradually adapt to the workouts more easily and you can add weightlifting to them gradually.

For proper weight loss, you’ll also need to integrate cardio exercises as part of your renewed healthy lifestyle. Proper aerobic workouts combined with body weight exercises and a balanced diet will help you prevent PAD more efficiently, as well as losing weight and normalizing your blood pressure, blood sugar and heart health. Of course if you need a peripheral artery disease doctor Kansas City is home to some of the best and very beneficial for your overall health.