Protecting Your Knees While Running Long Distances

Mar 21, 2023

Women Running Healthy Knee Pain Treatment Working

Aside from being an excellent form of exercise running provides numerous health benefits, including improved cardiovascular fitness, weight loss, and mental well-being. However, running can also put a lot of stress on your knees, especially when running long distances.

Because of the added strain, especially when you’re just starting out with running or jogging, it’s essential to warm-up and stretch before your sessions, in order to loosen up the muscles and reduce the risk of injury. Start with a brisk walk or light jog for 5-10 minutes, followed by some gentle stretching exercises that target the hips, thighs, and calves.

Start slow and gradually increase your speed and mileage. When starting a long-distance running program, running too far too fast can put a lot of strain on your knees, increasing the risk of injury. Aim to increase your mileage by no more than about 10% per week to allow your body time to adjust to the change.

Wearing proper running shoes that fit well and provide adequate support is essential to protect your knees while running. Choose shoes that have good cushioning and support, and get a size that fits comfortably. A good pair of shoes will always help to absorb excess shock and reduce the impact on your knees.

Finally, it’s also essential to listen to your body and take a break when you feel pain or discomfort. Pushing through the pain can lead to further injury and longer recovery times. If you experience pain or swelling in your knees, it’s important to rest, ice, and elevate the affected area, as well as seeking medical knee pain treatment Missouri clinics have if necessary.