Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Peripheral Arterial Disease

May 31, 2022

Ask the right questions peripheral artery disease treatment doctors clinics

When people talk with their doctors about peripheral arterial diseases, they will often talk about prostate artery embolization. That’s because it is very helpful to know as much information as possible about this procedure of peripheral artery disease treatment Missouri clinics offer before you do it. One of the most frequently asked questions is if there are any side effects to PAE. That’s because other surgical interventions may lead to complications such as bleeding or sexual dysfunctions. People need to know if they risk anything when doing such an intervention. Thankfully, many of the methods used today don’t have any permanent or unwanted side effects. So, the patient can continue to live a normal and healthy life.

Another question a lot of people have about prostate artery embolization is if it is permanent. Embolization is the process through which an artery that is supplying the blood to the prostate is blocked using very small particles. This way, the prostate shrinks and the urinary tract is free to function once again unaffected. Technically the procedure lasts for about 7 years, but it can last longer than that. That’s because the particles used don’t dissolve and thus the artery is never unplugged. And, because the procedure is minimally invasive, the patient can recover from it quite quickly.