Safe Treatments for Your Joints: How Knee Embolization Really Works

Jul 3, 2023

Knee Pain Treatment Missouri Safe Effective

If you have issues with your joints, there are a few good knee pain treatment Missouri options for you, depending on the affected area. In case you have knee issues, you may benefit from knee embolization. Understanding how this treatment works can be very helpful for regaining health and reaching higher overall well-being.

Embolization is primarily used for patients suffering from osteoarthritis. In short, embolization blocks the blood flow around the area where knee inflammation occurs. The general principle of embolization involves blocking or restricting blood flow to a specific body area.

In the case of knee embolization, if such a procedure exists, it might involve the intentional occlusion or blocking of blood vessels around the knee joint. This could be done using embolic agents, such as small particles, coils, or other materials, injected into the blood vessels supplying the knee joint. The goal would be to reduce blood flow to the area, potentially to address specific conditions or alleviate symptoms.

This type of treatment’s main benefit is providing long-term relief from pain.

This type of procedure involves moderate sedation, meaning the patients can go home after it. And the entire process usually lasts for about two hours. The relief appears in about two weeks, helping patients with osteoarthritis cope with their illness.

Knee embolization is the perfect choice for patients who have tried other traditional types of therapy, such as anti-inflammatory medication, knee injections, and so on.

The best candidates for embolization are people between 40 and 80 who experience moderate to severe knee pain, a symptom of osteoarthritis.