Should You Exercise When You Have Back Pain?

May 26, 2023

Back Pain Miva Medical

If you are someone with back pain and are considering exercising, it is not easy to decide whether or not exercising is the right choice. After all, there is a risk that overexertion could worsen your condition or cause even more pain. Consulting a physician is critical before you begin any physical activity. Based on the pain you feel, your doctor or physical therapist will create a plan tailored to your physical particularities.

If you do have the green light to exercise, starting gently is the best approach, followed by progressively building up to a higher intensity level. Combining exercise and rest may be the best approach to managing your pain. Low-impact exercises such as Pilates, walking, swimming, yoga, etc., are great options because they are gentler on the spine.

Ultimately, it is crucial to remember that you should constantly pay attention to your body. Exercise can help reduce back pain, but avoiding exerting too much effort is critical. If your pain flares up suddenly or you feel too exhausted, it is time to pause.

In conclusion, exercise can be beneficial if you have back pain if it is performed safely and sensibly. Consult your doctor at before starting any workout routine to ensure you engage in the appropriate activity for your individual needs. Always remain aware of your body’s limits and take rests when necessary.