Superfoods for People Suffering from Peripheral Arterial Disease

Apr 8, 2022

Peripheral artery disease doctor medical solutions

Peripheral arterial disease is a very common health issue that affects almost the entire adult population over the age of 50. What triggers the problem is not exactly known, but medical scientists consider peripheral arterial disease to be a lifestyle related problem that manifests in the form of the accumulation of calcium and cholesterol deposits inside the arteries. The condition can stay asymptomatic for decades, the symptoms starting only when the deposits in the arteries have become thick enough to hinder the circulation of blood. While there is no cure available for the condition, the principal option of treatment for peripheral arterial disease is lifestyle changes that might include the consumption of certain foods. Here are some of the superfoods that can efficiently reverse the process of plaque development:

  • Olive oil – the replacement of hydrogenated oils with olive oil is one of the first recommendations for the treatment of PAD.
  • Foods rich in fiber – stepping up the intake of dietary fiber is another important recommendation. Fiber is found in most legumes and fresh fruit as well as in lean meat varieties such as chicken and in whole grains.
  • Proper hydration is key – one of the most important allies to combat peripheral arterial disease is water. Maintaining proper hydration optimizes the way that the body uses nutrients from the diet and it ensures the optimal functioning of all the organs of the body as well as of the arteries.

As with any serious disease, it best to talk with a peripheral artery disease doctor Kansas City has to offer and discuss the different options and the path to wellness you should take.