The Best Ways to Avoid Obesity

Jun 27, 2022

Eat Healthy MIVA Endovasular Health Tips

Preventing obesity reduces the risk of health issues such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Just like a lot of chronic conditions, obesity can be avoided through a healthy lifestyle that includes diet changes, adequate sleep and exercise.

According to specialists, a proper diet is the main tool for maintaining a healthy weight. Adults should be eating small portions five times a day by incorporating fruits and vegetables that can decrease insulin resistance and significantly reduce the risk of becoming overweight. In contrast, processed foods (especially those rich in carbohydrates) provide empty calories and increase the risk of diabetes. Similarly, sugar consumption can slow down a person’s metabolism and lead to quick weight gain. Moreover, saturated fats are also to be avoided alongside artificial sweeteners and addictive spices.

As advised by nutritionists and even endovascular specialists, individuals who wish to avoid obesity can benefit greatly from keeping their cortisol levels low, which can be achieved through relaxing and getting enough sleep (7+ hours) during the night. Late bedtimes often lead to unexpected increase in a person’s BMI (body mass index) and chronic fatigue symptoms always hinder weight loss.

Exercise is another important factor contributing to healthy weight loss, which is why staying active during the day can make quite a difference. Moderate and even intense physical activity is preferred to walking or stretching as exercise.

All in all, diet, proper rest and physical activity are key to staying fit and avoiding obesity.   Talk with MIVA at for more on endovasular health as well as overall health.