The Importance of Exercise for Preventing Stroke and Heart Disease

Jun 20, 2022

vascular surgeon recommends exercise to keep healthy

A heart-healthy lifestyle includes diet, restful sleep and being active according to a vascular surgeon Kansas City hosts will keep you healthy. Exercise can help with weight loss, blood pressure and insulin sensitivity. Moreover, physical activity can lower stress levels and increase flexibility while also strengthening bones. As a result, any type of heart rate raising activity can prevent stroke and heart disease. In order to keep such ailments at bay, it is important to enjoy walking, swimming, cycling, or dancing at least twice a week. Moderate activity can also include daily chores and practicing sports, but a sedentary lifestyle should be avoided at all costs.

The main benefits of exercise are the control of blood glucose and the improvement of insulin and leptin sensitivity. It is also worth mentioning that intense physical activity plays a role in antioxidant defense as well as vessel dilation. The protective effects further extend to reduction of joint stiffness and decrease of inflammatory cytokine, thus significantly reducing the risk of cancer and autoimmune disease which are the main causes of death among the adult population. Although modern medicine is constantly making progress in terms of treatment for these diseases, there is no actual cure and good old-fashioned exercise should not be overlooked as one of the most effective forms of prevention.

To conclude, exercise is an inexpensive preventive measure accessible to almost everybody. It should be used as often as possible and never underestimated.