The Most Important Reasons for Relying on an Endovascular Specialist

Nov 11, 2022

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Femoral artery word cloud concept

An endovascular specialist treats the intricate system of veins and arteries. If you are obese, diabetic or a smoker, it is very important to be seen by this type of specialist. Moreover, if you suffer from high blood pressure or vascular disease, it is also essential to pay the endovascular specialist a visit.

            An endovascular specialist is an Interventional Radiologist trained in minimally invasive procedures that address issues with the vascular system which is an intricate network of vessels that our bodies fully rely on. Furthermore, these specialists are also trained in wound care.

            The main common signs of circulation problems include pain in the legs and numbing or burning sensation in the toes. These are signs of narrowed arteries diminishing blood supply to the legs, which could, ultimately, signal PAD.

            Other such signs include: nausea, abdominal pain, bowel dysfunction and decrease or increase in urination. These symptoms are specific of SMA Stenosis or Celiac Artery Stenosis.

            Other symptoms to look out for are: swollen legs, ulcers, wounds or discolored and aching patches on the legs. These can be symptoms of a venous issue.

            An endovascular specialist can easily identify arterial blockages by injecting dyes that are visible through X-ray, so finding vascular specialists near me makes it easier to get to and from your appointment. After identifying the blockages, they, generally, perform balloon angioplasty, atherectomy or stent placement.