Three Quick Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain

Nov 22, 2022

MIVA Medical Back Pain Treatment Options

The main three quick home remedies for lower back pain are: bed rest, mindful pain management and exercise to loosen muscles and reduce discomfort. However, before exercising, it is very important to remember stretching in the morning. Gentle stretching the hamstring muscles located in the back of the thighs is essential for limiting lower back pain during physical activity.  

            There is a lot that bed rest can help with. Restorative sleep is required for the tissue to heal properly and for energy levels to recharge quickly. In order to improve sleep quality, you can make lifestyle changes or try sleep medication.

            In terms of physical activity, it is important to try exercises that engage your core muscles. Moreover, aerobic exercises can release inner endorphins that can help block signals from registering pain in your brain. They can also alleviate depression, anxiety and even stress.

            If these two home remedies do not work, you can always try mindful pain management which entails: meditation, controlled breathing, relaxation techniques and focus on reducing pain sensation. It is very similar to cognitive behavioral therapy that relies on finding the joy in routine activities such as enjoying morning coffee or walking the dog. Comforting activities can stimulate endorphins that block pain signals. For more serious problems for back pain, see an interventional radiologist at for treatment options.