What Can go Wrong When You Postpone Your Treatment for Peripheral Arterial Disease?

Aug 23, 2022

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Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a serious health problem that most people don’t even know much about. Essentially, people who suffer from PAD will gradually have fat deposits in the arteries restrict their flow of blood especially to their leg muscles. When left untreated, the disease can also end up blocking the blood supply to the brain and heart, leading to serious health problems.

  • Some of the early possible signs of complications due to peripheral arterial disease can include leg muscle pain, difficulty in exercising and experiencing discomfort while working out, as well as the loss of mobility. If you experience these symptoms (especially together), consider visiting your doctor for a check-up and asking about the possibility that you might have PAD.
  • Left untreated for longer, PAD can degenerate even further and lead to more serious health problem. You can develop coronary heart disease and your heart muscle can suffer irreparable damage after an extended time of failing to treat the disease.
  • PAD can also be fatal. If left untreated longer, it can lead to a higher chance of experiencing a stroke or a heart attack. According to recent statistics, one in five people will likely suffer from a heart attack or stroke, if they leave PAD untreated for more than 5 years. It’s best to talk with specialists in this field such as https://miva-medical.com/ for prompt medical help.