What to Avoid When You’ve Suffered a Spinal Compression Fracture

Sep 23, 2022

spinal compression fractures Dr Silas Williams Treatments

Spinal compression fractures can be quite painful and they can impact your quality of life. However, they usually heal in less than ten weeks. They can also be treated with: bed rest, pain medication, braces, physical therapy, surgery, weight-bearing and balance exercises.

            Moreover, it is advisable to avoid: lifting heavy weights, standing upright incorrectly, remaining entirely inactive and engaging in any activity that places pressure on the spine. These mistakes that can lead to: nerve damage, paralysis or even more damage to the spinal cord.

            The main causes of spinal compression fractures are: injury, osteoporosis, abnormalities in the spine and tumors. Regardless of the cause, the treatment remains the same: medication (Tylenol, Ibuprofen) for pain relief, back braces and chiropractic therapy. The latter is meant to alleviate pain, reduce stress on the fracture and realign the vertebrae.

            When all else fails, vertebroplasty is usually recommended to help relieve the pain. It is a medical procedure completed by doctors such as Dr Silas Williams that entails injecting bone cement into fractured vertebrae.

            All in all, it makes sense to avoid placing additional stress on the spine or further compressing the nerves by lifting heavy objects or standing in strenuous positions. Therefore, caution must be taken when moving or even sitting in order to maximize the chances of/at recovery.