Will Intense Strength Training Help with Improving Your Health?

Apr 7, 2023

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A study by Iowa State University revealed a while ago that people who do strength training regularly are healthier from a cardiovascular point of view. The same study showed that people who go to the gym are also more active in everyday life, contributing to better health.

Here are other significant benefits of strength training:

  • Your bones become stronger

Osteoporosis occurs when the bones soften as you get older. You can prevent it or at least avoid the aggravation of this disease through strength training. Specialists say that the hips, spine, and wrist seem to have the most incredible benefits from this type of training.

  • Body weight decreases

Strength training can help you eliminate your body fat and burn more calories. A healthy muscle mass can also help prevent injuries that occur while walking or running.

  • The risks of a heart attack are much lower

Exercises that involve lifting weights keep the heart healthy. Training done one hour a week can reduce your stroke risk by up to 70%. And you do not even have to do everything at once. Three sessions of 20 minutes each week are of great help!

  • Your energy level increases, and you find yourself in a better mood

Strength training will increase your level of endorphins, which raises energy levels and improves mood. You will also sleep better. Finding a good vein doctor Kansas City is home to and getting a vascular analysis can help with your overall strength training.