Will My Spinal Compression Fracture Go Away on Its Own?

Nov 17, 2022

Spine Health MIVA Medical

Spinal compression fractures are osteoporotic and vertebral fractures that can alter the strength and shape of the spine. If too much stress is placed on a vertebra, it can collapse and cause debilitating symptoms that impact quality of life. In three months, spinal compression fractures can heal on their own, but they do not always heal properly. You can lose height and have a more bent back afterwards. Besides fractured bones that do not heal properly, complications of compression fractures also include: damage of nearby vertebrae, blood clots in the legs, decreased mobility, permanent spinal cord injury, nerve damage, abnormalities in the spine and paralysis.

            After undergoing an MRI exam that identifies the spinal compression fracture, it is advisable to seek medical treatment. Spinal compression fractures can become less painful with pain medication and rest. Moreover, you can also try physical therapy and back braces. Plus, it helps to also consider: precautionary measures, calcium supplements, routine icing or heating and low impact activities such as walking and tai chi that can increase blood flow to the fracture and help bones heal faster.

            To conclude, spinal compression fractures do go away on their own, but there are no guarantees, which is why it makes sense to seek professional help from places such as MIVA Medical.