Will Your Treatment for Spinal Compression Fracture Take a Long Time?

Aug 16, 2022

Spinal Compression Fracture X-ray Treatment

Although spinal compression fractures are a serious issue, you’ll find that the treatment for spinal compression fracture is not all that difficult. Smaller fractures are long term treatments using special medication and pain killers that are designed to minimize your pain and discomfort. Depending on how large the fractures are, however, it might be necessary to visit a specialist who can help you out with a minimally invasive intervention such as kyphoplasty, which is meant to offer better support for healing the fracture and keeping it stable while it does so.

The procedure known as kyphoplasty might sound scary to some, however, it really doesn’t take too long, nor is it as complicated and risky as some people believe. The procedure itself involves the introduction of a small tube guided through fluoroscopy and x-ray imagery, and used to apply a small balloon to the affected area, which elevated the fracture and keeps it stable.

The entire procedure will last about an hour, but it can last additional hours if you have multiple larger fractures that need to be addressed. Recovery time can vary depending on the severity of the problem, however, if all goes well you’ll find your pain and discomfort will greatly diminish by about 2 weeks after the procedure was completed successfully.