Would a Treatment for Spinal Compression Fracture Be Invasive?

Jan 27, 2023

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Spinal compression fractures can be pretty serious as well as painful, and they can also lead to a lot of complications if left untreated. The most dangerous kinds of fractures are those resulting from osteoporosis, as those patients are often more prone to experiencing spinal fractures than anyone else. Fortunately, treating spinal compression fractures is not that hard, and you can already gain a lot of ground by simply visiting a local expert or vascular Dr near me and asking a few questions.

If you ask your interventional radiologist, they will tell you that most fractures are relatively simple to treat, and that they’ll go away over time with pain medication and some additional drugs designed to stabilize bone density. A good back brace and a reduction in physical activity might also be needed, as fractures are harder to heal and take longer if the amount of movement in the area is too great or too intense.

Unfortunately, a somewhat invasive treatment could be necessary when your fractures are larger and slower to heal. The treatment is somewhat like surgery, but it only involves the use of a catheter and an orthopedic balloon that is used to support the affected bone and help secure it back into its proper place.  This treatment is known as balloon kyphoplasty, and it’s generally less invasive than most surgeries.