How to Protect Your Knees During High-Intensity Workouts

Apr 4, 2023

Non Surgical Knee Pain Relief

In general, knee and joint pain is, unfortunately, a familiar companion in people who do sports, even at an amateur level.

It doesn’t matter if you are a hiking, cycling, fitness, running, or skiing lover… Sooner or later, such inconveniences can be a very unpleasant surprise, sabotaging your passions.

The consequences can go from simple discomfort to limitation and even the total interruption of the activity. It is good to note that non surgical knee pain relief is available today at clinics like MIVA Medical in Kansas City.

But, like any disorder or pathology, knee pain, and generally the pain localized in the joints of the lower limbs, can be prevented. It all comes down to developing good habits that can diminish the impact on the osteoarticular structures and eliminate the debilitating cause.

  • Reduce your body weight

Joint pains do not necessarily have to do with the “wear and tear” level and age. One of the main factors responsible is the body weight, more precisely, the imbalance between the capacity of the mechanism that sets in motion the knee and the kilograms it has to support. Therefore, you should review your eating habits. Change your diet, and reduce your caloric intake, so that you progressively lose some body weight.

  • Start with the warm-up

The warm-up may require extra time, but this exercise is not excessive. On the contrary, it remains as important as the sport and should be viewed with just as much seriousness.

  • Be a more active person

Through their conformation, humans are active beings “endowed” with muscle fibers, mobile joints, and strong bones. That is why sitting for many hours daily will affect posture, muscles, and osteoarticular apparatus.