The Importance of a Proper Warm-up to Prevent Knee Injuries

Jan 23, 2023

Stretching exercises knee injury treatment

If you don’t want to have to deal with getting treatment for leg cramps or knee injuries on a regular basis, it’s very important to perform proper warm-ups at the beginning of your workouts. Warm-ups that include light exercises and stretching can make your muscles more flexible and ensure that your joints are better equipped to withstand the strain of an intensive workout.

Even if you’re only performing light or medium intensity exercises, and you’re not lifting weights, warm-ups can still be very important. During cardio exercise or running, the joints are under a lot of strain and your knees can sustain some damage if you’re not prepared for the added stress. Moreover, as you increase the intensity of your exercises over time, warming up will become even more important than it was in the beginning.

Warming up will not only allow you to prevent knee injuries, but it will also prevent the need for a treatment for knee osteoarthritis later on, as well as preventing other injuries and diseases that more readily show themselves during old age. To learn more about how important proper warm-ups are, talk to a local interventional radiologist as well and make sure to get a proper check-up to see if your knees already require a more advanced knee injury treatment Missouri has available or not.