What Can an Interventional Radiologist Do for Your Bone Health?

Dec 26, 2022

Bone Health MIVA Medical

An interventional radiologist can solve some of the most complex health issues which require maximum precision in reaching a specific area inside your body. By combining catheter-based procedures and imaging technology, this branch of healthcare can provide effective, safe and minimally invasive treatments for various conditions.

When it comes to bone health, an interventional radiologist with MIVA Medical can help treat:

1. Osteoporosis

The process of tissue depletion inside bones starts in middle age and tends to affect women preponderantly. In some cases, a change in diet and lifestyle may prevent or delay the onset of this condition.

However, if it is already affecting a person, interventional radiology procedures were proven in clinical trials to be very effective in treating pain and disability caused by osteoporosis.

2. Spinal Compression Fracture

This type of injury has two main causes: osteoporosis and cancer that has spread to the bones. The most at-risk patients are white and Asian women over 50 with a low body weight and who experienced early menopause. An interventional radiologist can help manage pain and regain mobility.

3. Knee Pain and Rigidity

The procedure known as knee embolization is one of the best way of reducing pain and regaining the mobility in a knee affected by osteoarthritis. This degenerative condition tends to affect people who overuse their joints, are obese or who have other family members with this condition.