When Does Prostate Enlargement Typically Set in?

May 10, 2022

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Almost every man over the age of 50 will at some point seek benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment. And that’s because the symptoms develop much faster after that age. The muscles in the prostate become more enlarged due to various factors that come with age such as hormonal imbalances, dietary changes and even various treatments for other diseases. And so, a lot of men may have to deal with such problems after the age of 50 and onwards. That’s why it is highly recommended that they do an annual check-up after they reach this age. Although some may be reluctant to do so, this is maybe the best way of knowing if something is wrong before it actually happens. 

Once men reach around 80 years old, the chances of them seeking benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment escalades to about 90%. That’s because muscles get weaker with age and if they do not treat the problem early on, it can really spiral out of control. So, in order to get ahead of it, one should do at least an annual check-up from about age 40-45. This way, if he has any predisposition to such a disease, he can take action before it actually becomes a problem. There are special treatments by doctors such as Dr Silas Williams that can be used in order to keep such problems under control.