When Should You Make An Appointment With An Endovascular Specialist?

Oct 14, 2022

When Endovascular Surgeon Is Needed

An endovascular specialist is an interventional radiologist that specializes in addressing circulatory system conditions and vascular problems through minimally-invasive procedures. You should start looking for a endovascular surgeon near me and make an appointment with an endovascular specialist when you show symptoms of vascular disease or when you are diagnosed with a vascular condition.

Warning signs that tell you it’s time for an appointment

  • Your legs hurt when you walk for a brief period of time
  • Your legs are discolored, swollen, and aching, and they develop wounds or ulcers
  • You suddenly feel numbness, weakness and tingling in one side of your body
  • You notice fatigue of the legs that progresses throughout the day
  • You feel pressure, heaviness or pain in the pelvis without gynecological reasons
  • You are a woman and you feel pain during and after sexual intercourse, as well as severe menstrual cramping
  • You feel numbness, coldness and pain in your toes when you keep them elevated or at rest
  • You feel sudden, severe pain in the back and abdomen
  • You feel suddenly dizzy and confused

This is not an exhaustive list of symptoms that point to vascular disease, and it should not be used as substitute for medical advice. If you have experienced any of the warning signs above or feel that something is not right, contact your physician right away.