When to Start Asking About Services for Kyphoplasty in Kansas City

Apr 11, 2023

When To Ask Vascular Surgeon Doctor For Treatments

People with osteoporosis or with various vertebral tumors now have access to some very convenient treatment solutions from a vascular surgeon Kansas City is home to. Kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty are modern interventions that reduce back pain and improve the quality of life. Kyphoplasty has several advantages over classical spine surgery.

These include speedy recovery, shortening the duration of hospitalization, and reducing the risk of infections. You should start asking about services for kyphoplasty in Kansas City if you deal with spinal pain and other back problems.

This feels like back pain, muscle contracture, and poor posture and breathing. The most typical indication that you need kyphoplasty is vertebral subsidence in osteoporosis and post-traumatic problems (if they are not compressive on the marrow or exceed 15% of the vertebral height).

Kyphoplasty is performed with general anesthesia, lasts 30-60 minutes, and is performed under radiological control. It consists in injecting cement into the vertebral body through cavities obtained by inflating a balloon.

The duration of hospitalization is only three hours. After the intervention, the patient will feel reduced back pain, muscle contracture, and improved posture and breathing.

Kyphoplasty control is one month after surgery, and a second postoperative check-up is performed after six months. Kyphoplasty is also a therapeutic solution for benign or malignant vertebral tumors if the marrow is not invaded or compressed. In this situation, it can be associated with the biopsy of the vertebra.